Talking about the future, I always try not to be worried about what the future is going to be because I will never know what the future brings. For me, life is not a problem to be solved but life is just a mystery to be lived. I am just going with the flow. My friend said that life may not a party we need for, but while we are here on this earth we should dance. It means that we have to enjoy our life no matter how hard our life is, and that is what I am doing now, enjoying every moment of my life. Nevertheless, do never think that I leave my life to the fate. That is exactly wrong. I have been struggling to change my life to be better in the future, and trust me that I will always do. I do believe that doing the best at this moment will put you in the best place for the next time. So, each day I live, I want to be a day to give the best of me. That is the way I live my life the way I am.

So, how about my plan after graduating from college? Of course, I want to get a good job. Because I am studying in a college that is so related so close to the government, no wonder that I want to be part of the Government of Indonesia. My job must be related to what I have been studying all along. If only now I could choose, I would like to work for Badan Kebijakan Fiskal (BKF)/bureau of fiscal policy. Maybe this is the way to build up my beloved county, Indonesia. I love Indonesia so much although I know that the bureaucracy of Indonesia is stated as the worst bureaucracy in Asia after bureaucracy of India. If you find something wrong in your country but you never do anything to solve the problem then you will get nothing changed. That is why if I want to make some “repairment” for Indonesia, I have to be part of the government. As we know, the action we make is equal to the reaction we take. It is the same as what Newton explained in his theory. Maybe some people think it sounds so strange, but this is the way I think.

Maybe you keep a big question in your mind why I am so insisting on being governmental employee, especially bureau of fiscal policy employee. The main reason is that my parents want me to be what we call “agent of change”, I am still young, I have a high spirit and I have a great chance to do something that can change the face of my country into a better country. I spent my childhood in countryside with my family and now I am living in Jakarta, the biggest city in Indonesia. I am finding that there is a big difference between the poor and the rich. It means that only a few groups of people authorize source of Indonesian wealth, but most of Indonesian people living in the poverty. I want to break this situation. Well, you may say that money is not everything, but we have to know that living without money is nothing, that is what the poor people feel living in countryside all along. You can call it crazy, but I call it a great goal of my life. In addition, to make my goal come true is change the government itself step by step. Therefore, I hope I can be a person who has a great influence in this country. This has been motivating me to do the best and let God do the rest.

The next reason why I am so insisting on being governmental employee, particularly employee of bureau of fiscal policy, is that I can be a decision maker. Every time the government will make a new rule especially about taxation and finance. I can be part of the decision maker. This can be a chance for me to make wise decision for all over Indonesian people. Creating the brighter Indonesian is my dream all along. I know that everything is possible with inspiration and hard working.

I realize it is not easy to make my dreams come true. So, I have to spend more energy, more effort and more sacrifice to achieve the better result. For now, all I can do is spending my time as well as possible to study about everything that has correlation to governmental issues. One day If I can be the leader and I can take the control of this country I will erase all kind of corruption that is potentially occur in Indonesia. Everybody knows that corruption make us suffer. After making all the effort and sacrifice to reach my dream, I will let the God decide and let the hands of God lead my way.

Then, what will I do if my plan is not to be  achieved? This is the question that I am afraid of. However, if one day what I have planned is not come true, I will take it for granted. Just because something good ends does not mean something better will not begin. I do believe that God have prepared the best plans for me, for all human being. Men propose and God dispose.

In achieving my dreams, there are some people support me. They are my parents, my sister, my uncles and my close friends. They are so inspiring, when I low motivated, they come to keep my spirit up. My mother plays the most important part in my whole life. She is always showing me how to behave among people. She has influenced me building my character. She is more than everything in my life. Nothing can take my mother away from me but death.

Nearly the same as my mother does for me, my father plays a great part as well. He teaches me how to be a real man, he leads my way to the right path. He works day and night just to pay my entire education fee. And my uncles, they are so inspiring me. I am lucky having uncles who are kind of hard worker. I love the way they work, I love the way they treat their family well. In addition, I have some close friends, we always support each other to make our dream come true. They come anytime I need their advices. My sister is someone who has been so important for me, she gives me consideration before I make declining decision. She helps me when I get trouble. And I thank her so much.

Well, they are people who’s support my entire life. I do not know how I am supposed to live without them. I know you have someone who plays the important part in your life as well. Their helps are beyond words.

Well, that is all what I can share. I hope you can take something good from my elaboration above. And if there is some of my elaboration that brings a bad impact for you, trust me I never mean to do that. So, I beg you pardon me if I am mistaken. To err is human, to forgive is Divine. The last but not the least, thank you very much for reading my elaboration about my plan in the future.

Dum spero, spiro!!!! ( while I breathe, I hope!!!!)


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